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Welcome to Fitness with Coach Mike

I would first like to thank you for visiting my site!  I welcome you to check out the posts, blogs, reviews, programs and all the information that is meant to help you throughout your fitness journey.  No matter how you found this page I hope you find it valuable and please share your comments as I am always looking for ways to improve it for you!

I want to help people because I know what being healthy & fit can do for your self confidence & help motivate you to succeed in whatever you want to do – And also want to enjoy life too!  Fitness to me is a lifestyle that comes with balance as I am not a 100% all-the-time fitness and health fanatic, but one that enjoys those things that are not always healthy. I am passionate that there can be a balance that works for everyone, and that balance is different for each individual. I can help people with finding that balance that works for them and that gets them into the shape they want.

My certifications include:

  • P90X Certified from Beachbody
  • PN Level 1 Certified in Nutrition from Precision Nutrition

I am always looking to share experiences and help others where I can. If you are looking for a very active and engaging coach, buddy me and let’s talk.

I am a 58 year young retired fitness enthusiast. I am married to my beautiful wife of 28 years, and we have been blessed with a teenage son who is finishing college. We live in both Florida & Massachusetts.

I seem to have always been working out as long as I can remember, but really took it serious in my High School years. I started heavy into weight lifting and then added in jogging to get some cardio involved. In 2010 I was looking for something different as I needed a jump start to my workouts and getting a bit older I was wearing down some. I had some shoulder and knee problems so I needed to find a different route to being fit. I then tried P90X and was hooked. I have completed multiple rounds of P90X, Insanity, P90X2, Body Beast, Les Mills Combat, LIIFT4, Hammer & Chisel and many more. I have also completed hybrids of these as well. I love the variety of programs that Beachbody has to offer and I have become much more flexible, a bit leaner and excited again to workout!

I am a 1 Star Diamond Coach in Beachbody and am P90X Certified. I really enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals and finding that balance that works for them. Contact me and let’s chat.




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