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21 Day Fix Extreme – Dirty 30 Review

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Day 6 of 21 Day Fix Extreme is now in the books – Dirty 30 Extreme was the workout and when Autumn said only 3 rounds of 2 exercises each I thought how hard can this be – well you guessed it not easy at all. This one really focuses on the shoulders the most and your lats/back second. You do squats with shoulder presses and balance moves like in P90X3 so your whole body gets in the act. Even renegade rows for those X’ers out there! I used 5lbs, 10lbs and 20lbs at times depending on the moves as each move was 1 minute long so they are slow and heavy weights catch up to you. Fun 30 minute workout for sure and it gave me a bit of resistance training I was looking for. Only 10 second breaks so your heart rate stays up throughout which seems to be her key point from what I see after 1 week. Liked this one overall.

TIME: 30 Minutes
Calories Burnt: 434
Max HR: 177
Ave HR: 154

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