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21 Day Fix Extreme – The Fix Challenge Review

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Day 19 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme program and I tried the bonus workout called The Fix Challenge. This is 30 minutes of a different sort. Non stop working out from the start to the end. You do 4 moves, then build upon that by adding 4 more moves, starting over and then doing those 2 sets of 4 moves and add another and keep doing that until you get to a total of 13 sequences of 4 moves. Confused? It is really not hard. As an example you start with what Autumn calls Surrenders on your right and then left. Then she adds in inch worms. Then you repeat all those and add another move and so one. In the end you are doing 13 moves 4 times each back to back. Then at the end she does the 13 moves 2 more times which I was not thinking she would do but the end is where this gets the best. You really don’t get your heart moving until mid-way and through the end so it is quite a building series. Your shoulders feel it, she focus on your core and legs as well. Adds in burpees in the middle too. I worked up a good sweat at the end.

TIME: 30 minutes
Calories Burnt: 375
Ma HR: 180
Ave HR: 149

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