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Hammer & Chisel – 15 Minute Leg Hammer Review

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This workout is on the Deluxe DVD which I highly recommend purchasing.  This is a really good leg burner where you use either a dumbbell or medicine ball for all the exercises.  They all use 8 lbs on the DVD and I did the same so you do not need much weight for this workout.

The concept is doing 1 minute exercises on each leg with a cadence of 4 seconds into the move, 4 seconds out for 20 seconds, then a cadence of 2 for the next 20 seconds and then as fast as you can for the final 20 seconds.  So your legs will burn.

There are variations of all types of squats: sumo, 1 leg step ups, side, etc.

I burnt a good 267 calories in this one with my max heart rate hitting 175 with an average of 158 so this one really is effective.

My video review can be found here.

Coach Mike

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