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Hammer & Chisel – Chisel Balance Review

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Day 1 of the program brought Chisel Balance. This is 40 minutes long with a good warmup and cool down and much of the focus is on — you guessed it – BALANCE! And your legs…

There are 8 exercises you do with variations of a squat in many.

– 1 Leg Squat Sit: This is where you are on one leg and sit down and stand back up – 15 reps on each leg – TWICE
– 1 Leg Bridge pullovers: on the floor with 1 let in the air and in bridge you do a lat pull down
– 1 leg squat deadlifts
– Up-Downs
– Split Suat Jumps: tough move with one foot on the bench the other on the floor and you jump up – 15 times on each leg – TWICE!
– Renegade Row leg lifts
– 1-Arm Press bridge
– Balance Row Pistol Squats – final move and it is a killer – long and you do both legs TWICE — be ready for this one.

Dialing in on the right weights will be key as I used 15-30 pounds and need to up them a bit on some.

Burnt about 480 calories with my heart rate a good 173 max and 141 as average – for me that is pretty good overall which tells me this one works ya.

My video review can be found here.


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