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Hammer & Chisel – Chisel Cardio Review

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Today was Chisel Cardio and I am spent!

Autumn works you hard in this one for sure. You do 8 exercises for 1 minute each and then take a quick breather and then repeat them all.

Round 1
* Over the tops – step ups on a bench from side to side
* Pull-ups
* Dumbbell Swings – you can use a kettlebell if you have one
* Figure 8 – ab/core/shoulder work
* Burpees – with a jump of course
* Sword Pulls – lateral lunges then back up and lat/shoulder raise – with sides
* Forearm planks with a side lateral crunch
* Step ups with a kick – both legs

I used 35 and 20 lb weights which worked well for me. My legs were screaming. I burnt 550 calories with my heart rate maxing out at 180! with an average of 154.

You can see my video review HERE

Coach Mike

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