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Hammer & Chisel – Hammer Plyometrics Review

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This is my review of the Hammer Plyometrics workout. This comes on Day 2 for the first time and is 25 minutes in length with 2 rounds of 9 30 second exercises. So these are fairly quick moves so go hard. This is not a workout to go slow and take it easy if you want to get a good workout in.

The moves include:
* Vertical Jumps
* Burpee to a Pullup
* Legs in and out on a bench
* Plyo push-ups to touch the bench
* Crazy Horse – straddle the bench and jump side to side
* Knee Drivers – 1 leg squat with weight in one hand and jump up raising the weight over your head
* Sumo Tuck Jumps
*Lunge, Lunge, squat

The workout goes really quick so bring your intensity with you from the start. You get a few more breaks in the second round as your heart rate should be high then. I burnt about 315 calories, with my heart rate maxing at 175 with an average of 144. For 53 years old that is not too bad.

This is not a crazy workout like Insanity but not a bad quick Plyo one with some new moves!

See my video summary here.

–Coach Mike

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