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Hammer & Chisel – Hammer Power Review

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Hammer Power is very unique for a Beachbody program. This is the first power-lifting workout I have seen from Beachbody. Sagi takes you through a number of power moves that bring a new approach to the program.

This is about 30 minutes long and focuses on teaching you how to do a proper Clean/Squat/Lift or Jerk move. It starts with basic moves and builds upon it until the end. Most of the moves are 10 reps with a light weight and 5 with medium to heavy. You will need dumbbells for this workout. The workout really focuses on your legs and shoulders but you will also feel it some in the back as well. The moves include:

* Overhead presses
* Squats
* Thrusters
* Jerk Presses
* Deadlifts
* Shrugs
* Upright rows
* Cleans
* Clean & Presses
* Clean & Squats
* Clean/squat/presses
* Clean/squat/jerks
* 1 arm squat press
* 1 arm squat jerks

That is a bunch of moves but they move pretty quickly. This one had my heart rate maxed out at a high of 184 with an average of 154 while burning about 540 calories. Really had my heart pumping as you are using your legs and doing full body moves. I used 15, 20, 25 and 30b dumbbells. Need to pick the right weights. I wish they told you what each was using at the start to give you an indication of what you should try.

I really liked this one! You can see my video review here.

–Coach Mike

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