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Hammer and Chisel – Introduction and First Impressions

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I just received my latest workout program which I start on December 12, 2015 so this post is to share my initial thoughts on it ahead of day 1. The program is Beachboy’s latest called the Master’s Hammer & Chisel. Check out all the details here.

The program comes with a combination of Hammer (Sagi’s workouts) and Chisel (Autumns’s workouts) which focus on the SSP training approach – or simply focusing on Stabilization, Strength and Power. Both of these Fitness Guru’s bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in ONE program.

The program is 60 days and has a wide variety of workouts. This is a core strength of the program from an initial look as variety not only is great for your body to react to, it also is an awesome way to stay mentally in the game. How many times when you do a program and have 3 weeks of the same workouts and get a little bored? Be honest…it may not happen on your first round but in subsequent others it can. This one seems to be setup in a way that even with the Basic program you get variety galore. You add in the Deluxe workouts and the additional 4 workouts there make it even more varied which is a key item for me! I bought the Deluxe ones as well to add in more variety and I usually love the additional workouts that come with Deluxe packages with Beachbody anyway. After the 60 day program they even have 2 separate 30 day programs that focus either on Building more muscle or leaning out more. That is a nice touch as well.

The program has you working out 6 days a week so be prepared. It comes with a major focus on eating better with Autumn’s ’21 Day Fix’ approach to eating – which is portion control. Many people I have worked with LOVE this approach and totally understand now how to eat proper food AND also how much to eat of it as well.

In the first 2 weeks you only repeat 1 workout. Pretty cool. They have you doing Abs 1-2 times a week – I will be doing 2 myself. The workouts range from daily times of 25 minutes to 55 minutes. The longer ones are when you do 2 programs such as adding in an Ab workout or focusing on some of the deluxe add-ons.

It seems to me that there is a major focus on your legs and cardio in the workouts by looking at them and watching a few. Core is also a focus in the main workouts too which is great.

What equipment do you need? I would recommend a bench, dumbbells, medicine ball and a pull up bar. You can substitute bands for pull-ups and a stability ball for the bench…and also dumbbells for a medicine ball if needed.

As with any program I highly recommend drinking Shakeology once a day as you need to also focus on providing your body with all the nutrition it needs to get the maximum results. Shakeology provides you the most dense form of nutrition while reducing your cravings, increasing your energy level and it tastes great as well.

I will provide reports on each program as I move through my Hammer & Chisel program so stay tuned into this channel.

All the best, Mike

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