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Hammer & Chisel – ISO Speed Hammer Review

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Hammer means Sagi time. This was a short 22 minute workout where after the warmup and cool down you workout about 15 minutes in total. A full body workout which focuses on keeping the muscle under tension for a good period of time. All the moves are 10 reps with the first 10 being a controlled 3 count and then the second 10 being fast. So as an example you do pushups where you go down in a 3 count, up fast, repeat for 10 reps – then so 10 fast full pushups. Then onto the next exercise.

I am not a big fan of full body workouts as I feel I do not exhaust the muscle enough and I picked too light of weights this first time through. That is why we write things down so we do better next time. Moves include:

* Pushups
* Lunges
* Chin-ups
* Deadlifts
* Side Laterial raises
* Sumo Squat
* Rear delt fly
* Pistol Squats
* Curls
* Calf Raises
* Tricep kickbacks

I burnt 328 calories and had my heart rate max out at 171 with an average of 143. Need to increase the weights and intensity next time!

VIDEO review can be found HERE.

–Coach Mike

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