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Hammer & Chisel – ISO Strength Chisel Review

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This was one of Autumn’s workouts that focuses on doing 10 moves then holding the move in the contraction state for 10 seconds, then repeat for a total of 3 sets. As you can probably guess the hold moves are tough and the moves seem to last long. Good overall isolation moves which focuses much on your legs, lats, shoulders and chest. Also has an ab move in there too. The moves include:

* Sumo Squats
* Push-ups
* Split Squats – left then right leg
* Pullups
* Step ups – left then right leg
* 1 Arm rows
* Sit up Curve
* Lateral Raises

After each move you stretch out so in the end there is no real cool down/stretch period so the workout goes all the way to the end if you are watching the clock :-)

Select the right weights and these controlled moves will burn your muscles. I burnt about 375 calories and got my heart rate up to a max of 167 with an average of 135 – so not a heart pumper as it focuses on controlled moves.

Quick 35 minute workout. Video review here.

–Coach Mike

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