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Hammer & Chisel – MAX Hammer Strength Review

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Today was MAX Hammer Strength.

Sagi takes you through a number of workouts that work your whole body in this 35 minute workout. The key concept here is doing a move on a muscle for 1 minute to tire it and then hit that same body part with 8 reps of heavy weight. The 1 minute moves for the most part are simply your body weight, then you add weights for the 8 reps. This works your legs, back, shoulders and chest.

Moves include:
* Reverse lunges
* Pushups/bench press
* Squats
* Pull-ups/Pullovers
* Deadlifts
* Chin-ups/1 arm rows
* Sumo squats
* shoulder presses
* Calf raises

I need to increase the weights I used as it ranged from 30-70lbs with 50lbs being common in a number of them but I did not get to failure. I burnt 490 calories with my heart rate maxing out at 171 with an average of 144 – so not a heart pumper.

You can see my video review HERE

Coach Mike

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