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Hammer & Chisel – Total Body Hammer Review

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Today was Total Body Hammer and this one really brought in weight-lifting into the program! Love resistance training and loved Body Beast so this one was something I was waiting for. ]

Sagi had us work very fast – VERY FAST doing 3 rounds of 3 exercises twice. You do 3 exercises with reps of 10, 8 and 6 – move onto the next exercise in that round with the same rep sequence and then the last one. Then you repeat – and that is only Round 1. You do 3 new exercises the same way for 2 more rounds:

Round 1
* Bench Press – 10, 8 & 6 reps
* Squats
* Reverse Grip Rows

Round 2
* Incline Flies
* Reverse Lunges
* Wide Pull-ups

Round 3
* Military press
* Split Squats
* Delt Flies

So you can see this one works your chest, lats, shoulders and arms! Pick the right weights and this one you will feel. I used 50, 40, 30, 25, 20 & 10b dumbbells myself and need to increase a few next time but be careful – when you do these reps there is very little break between sets so the last 6 reps become really hard.

Loved this one and burnt a high 660 calories with my heart rate maxing out at 175 with an average of 155. That is really high for a resistance training session isn’t it? Tells you how hard you work.

You can see my video review here.

Coach Mike

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