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22 Minute Hard Corps – Cardio 1 Review

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First day of the program brought on Cardio 1.  I also did Core 1 and Cold Start to warm up which I highly recommend.  I have quick review on those as well.

Cardio 1 is of course 22 minutes of moves to get your heart rate up and to burn some calories.  This is not as crazy as some other cardio workouts from Beachbody but it is the first cardio workout in this series so it will get harder.  That doesn’t mean this was easy either!

There are 3 rounds of the same moves separated by a very short break between rounds.  There are no other breaks and there is no warmup so do Cold Start to get warmed up.

The 3 rounds have moves such as squat lunges, running in place moves, burpees, bear crawls, lateral moves, etc.  Reps go up to 50 and vary in each round and exercise.  There is a cadence to the moves that is easy to pick up.

This got my heart rate up to a high of 178 with an average of 157 so that is good for me.  In 22 minutes I burnt 316 calories to start this program off

You can see my Video review here.

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