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22 Minute Hard Corps – Cardio 2 Review

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Well this program got real today with this workout.  What a jump up in intensity from Cardio 1!

There are some cool new moves that I have never done and the reps range from 15-50.

There are 3 rounds (7 moves each) which seems to be the norm with this program so far. Tony fluctuates the reps on each move differently by round. In other words you simply do not go down or up on each round, but you do down on some moves and up in others in the same round.

Really got my heart rate going and man did I feel it. I had to take 1 quick break on the gorilla moves on the final round. You do moves such as jumps, burpees, running in place with straight legs, side to side moves on all fours, gorilla move which is a side to side move in a crouched position, etc.

Spoiler alert: There is NO final burndown sequence at the end as the 3 rounds take you all the way to the cool down.

I burnt 366 calories with my max heart rate getting up to 179 and the average at 162. This changed the game today!!!


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