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22 Minute Hard Corps – Resistance 2 Review

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You do this workout on Day 1 of week 2 per the schedule and this take it up a notch as you expect from Resistance 1.

You will need dumbbells or the sandbag, pull up bar or bands and focus!  I used the 20lb sandbag for all but one move where you will need a dumbbell.

There are 3 rounds with 5 moves and the reps vary in each round.  Very little breaks in between so you may want to hit pause once in a while to get your heart rate down a bit.

  • Burpee shoulder press with sandbag or weights
  • Squat jumps with sandbag or weights
  • Pull ups with leg raises
  • A move where you take 1 dumbbell and reach across your body to the floor and then pull that up over your opposite shoulder.
  • Leg up twists.

This workout really hit the shoulders and legs the most for me.  Resistance 1 was more chest for me so this mixes it up nicely.

No burnup routine at the end so give it everything you have in the last round as you will not need any more.

My heart rate got way up to 184 with an average of 164 so very high.  With added bicep exercises I added at the end I burnt a total of 500 calories which I will take any day.

My video review can be found here.


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