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22 Minute Hard Corps – Special Ops Core Review

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This core workout is part of the Deluxe DVD/Package which I highly recommend getting.  This is one of the hardest core workouts I have done and Tony Horton mentions it is probably his hardest one he put together.

It is 18 minutes long so that is LONG!  All the moves have 22 reps and some of the moves are slow so think about that – you will feel the burn.

There are a bunch of new moves that I have not seen in any of the Beachbody workouts I have done and a number of old favorites but with a new twist to make them new too.

This one hits the lower abs the hardest in my opinion and the one I like the most is a low plank hold with a slight drop down and then a move up where your back goes high.  This one really burns.  There is also a crazy new move where you move laterally on your back by moving your hips and arms to give you momentum.  That will take time to get down.

I could not do all 22 reps without some type of modification on some moves so this will challenge you.  They show you all sorts of variations/modifications so DO THIS ONE!


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