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22 Minute Hard Corps Resistance 3 Review

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Today was week 4 day 1 of 22 Minute Hard Corps for me which brought a new workout to me called Resistance 3.  This one stepped things up a bit more.  You do 5 exercises for 3 rounds which include:

  • Pushup pump-jumpers.  This is where you start with close hands and wide feet, then a pushup and switch your hands and legs.  Really solid chest pumper.  25 reps for the first round, 20 for the 2nd and 15 on the last.
  • Lunge/jump/press with the 20lb sandbag.  I think the reps start at 20 then go to 25 and 30 for the last round.
  • Plank/side arm press – I used 10lbs but may go to 15lbs next time.  Not a lot of reps -in the 14-16 range
  • Then comes to me the toughest one in this workout – 20lbs sandbag or weight over your shoulder – lie down on the ground and get up.  Sounds easy right?  NOPE.  You do 6-10 reps on each side and it gets hard to get up.
  • Scissor clappers to end with 50-40-30 reps.

Key focus area is to keep your core tight and engaged on all.

Very solid overall workout!  I burnt 470 calories including some bicep curls at the end I added in.  Always recommend to start with Cold Start.

You can see my video review here.


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