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22 Minute Hard Corps – Cardio 3 Review

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This is one of the hardest cardio workouts I have done myself.  It is ‘only’ 22 minutes but boy does it bring it hard for the entire time.  This is different from Cardio 1 and 2 whereby there are NO breaks – yup – no breaks…not even between rounds.  So be ready for that one from the start as there is also no warmup at all so make sure you do Cold Start before this baby.

There are 3 rounds as usual with 7 moves:

  • Crawls
  • Straight arm jacks
  • Forearm plank twists side to side (fast)
  • Jump/twist burpees
  • A move where you kneel down on both knees, get up and repeat
  • Fast feet to plank
  • kick planks

I felt this one in my shoulders and core while my heart rate was always high.  Tony wants you to keep that heart rate pumping in this one.

Unfortunately my heart rate monitor was not acting correctly but I will update this next time I do this but I will say for sure my heart rate was off the chart!  Doing this workout with Core 2 and Cold Start is quite the workout for a day.

Tell me what you think.

–Coach Mike

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