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22 Minute Hard Core – Special Ops Cardio Review

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First time doing this workout and I will say this to me is the hardest workout in the program!

NOTE: This workout is on the Bonus DVD.

There are 7 moves with the normal 3 rounds.  NO warmup and a short cool-down so this goes pretty much the full 22 minutes.  Moves include:

  • Jack Presses
  • Burpee Rolls
  • Tires with weight
  • Side to side squat raises
  • Jimmie Jumps
  • Plank moves with jacks
  • Side to side Jumps

In this workout my heart rate started high and never went down.  This is one workout where you are at a constant high rate.

5 of the 7 moves have weights!  I used the 20lb sandbag and adding weight to these moves really increased the intensity.

Always suggest Cold Start to begin with to get your body ready.  I also added in some bicep work at the end as I still feel the biceps are not worked out that much in this program.

Let me know what you think if this baby!


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