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Need some Motivation for your Workouts?

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Once you take the first major step in getting in better shape and improving your health (which is starting!), you will most likely start out highly motivated.  Over time everyone will hit some periods of time where their motivation lacks.  This happens to folks who are newbies to workout out all the way through to very seasoned fitness fanatics.  I wanted to share some of my tips to help you through those low periods where you need to kick start the motivation train once again.

One of the key focus areas is to remember why you began your journey in the first place.  Was it a health concern or event that impacted you personally?  Maybe someone close to you?  Or was it to simply feel better?  Maybe you wanted to play with your very active kids?  Whatever the reason or reasons were, think hard about them again.  This is usually key for many people to remember what is called you WHY.  Why did you start – so why would it be different now?

Here are a few others to work through as well – findings those that resonate with you personally:

  • Try this mental exercise. Think of a loved one who has had a heart attack, stroke, cancer or diabetes. Visualize the person’s face, say his or her name and recall how you felt when you heard the news. It will remind you that exercising and eating well can help you avoid that same fate.
  • Another thing that helps is making a list of all the things I can do now that I couldn’t before, or things that I enjoy about myself now that I didn’t before.
  • Be realistic
  • Make it fun – find ways to have fun
  • Track your progress
  • Challenge yourself – I do this all the time…look at your sheets for how you did last time and challenge yourself to do something more in some aspect of the workout
  • Don’t expect perfection
  • Be Flexible
  • Reward yourself – not with food but with something else you like when you achieve a goal
  • Make it convenient to workout – remove obstacles as much as you can…pick a time during the day and block it out, if something is in your way remove it
  • Get support — teambeachbody is a great way but also find some at home too

Hang in there! We are all here to support and motivate you. We all go through phases of “what’s the point?” or “I’ll never get there,” so it’s important to remind yourself of all the benefits and that you are worth it!

Coach Mike

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