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Why I Workout

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I am 53 years young and continue to make working out a priority for me.  Why?  There are many factors that come into play and hopefully some of these will resonate with you as well.  First some background on my workout focus.

I began working out at a young age when I was in middle school with the focus 100% on lifting weights.  I was a boy and of course you needed to lift weights if you wanted to get stronger and bigger.  Running?  Not something I really cared about or did much of.  I lifted like many other boys my age.  I wanted muscles and to get stronger so that is what I did.  During my high school days the results came and I did build some decent strength and muscle definition but was also always a little thick in the middle if you know what I mean.  That is due to genetics but also my focus on pure lifting with no cardio or even focus on eating healthy.

Fast-forward to my late 40’s and I was still lifting but doing a ‘little’ cardio on the treadmill or running outside.  Eating became more important to me as well but my main focus continued on weight lifting.

Why?  Because I enjoyed it and I also really didn’t know any better to be honest.

When I hit my late 40’s it was like a lightbulb went off in my head that I needed to do something different and while lifting was still going to be part of my workout routine it should not be the only thing.  I also knew I needed to really focus on eating better as I got older.

I saw an infomercial for Beachboy’s P90X and decided to give that a shot.  I was then hooked after the first week!  Look what I was missing.  I could still lift but also burn many more calories by doing things differently and smarter.  Ever since, I have been doing Beachbody programs, focusing on my eating and getting the needed support system in place to keep it going.

Now – back to my WHY.  There are a number of reasons I personally continue and will always do some form of workout.  See how many resonate with you.  These are not in any particular order:

  • Look good for my age
  • Feel younger than I really am
  • Live longer for myself and my family/friends
  • I actually enjoy it
  • Hopefully be a role model for others
  • Share my experiences with others (also helps keep me motivated)
  • So I can indulge myself at times with non-healthy eating and drinking
  • Live life to the fullest

I am a huge believer that you need to find the right balance of being focused on your workouts and eating habits, and enjoying the better things in life.  This is a continuing battle to find that right line and it will be different for everyone, but I have found what is so far working for me.  I am sure I will need to adjust it as time continues to pass and that is fine.  A moto I love is: work hard/play hard – works for me!

So in summary my WHY has many components as there is not a single one.

What are yours?

Coach Mike

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