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Why is Portion Control Key to Your Success?

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Do you think you are eating good?  You are eating foods with high protein, low carbs and fat but is that all you need to worry about?  The answer is NO.  You can still eat too much ‘good’ foods and gain weight.  What?  This is the basis of why Autumn Calabrese’s created the 21 Day Fix program which included her portion control meal plan which is a dynamite way to really get your eating under control.

As Autumn has told us, she was eating lunch with a friend of hers who thought she was have a healthy lunch.  It was a salad.  As Autumn watched she noticed that her friend was eating the whole salad which in Autumn’s mind was probably enough food for the day – not just lunch.  But it was a salad so what harm could that really be?

Eating the right foods and the right amounts is what portion control is all about.  You must do both and not just one of the two to get your best results.  Of course combining that with a great workout program provides you the complete picture, but this article is focusing on Portion Control eating.

So the first thing is to determine how much food you should be eating, then break that out into proper amounts of protein, carbs, healthy fat, fruits, and veggies.  This seems really complicated but Autumn’s plan is very simple to follow so don’t worry about that part right now.  Your body needs a variety of foods to be healthy so you do need variety as well.  You must have heard that fats and carbs are bad for you right?  Well not all fats and carbs are bad for you – and as a matter of fact you need them.  The secret is really in which ones and how much of them should you consume?

You may be thinking that eating the right amount of healthy foods means you will eat small portions and be starving all the time.  That is not true with the right system at all.  I have many clients that actually could not believe how much food they needed to eat as part of the program.  Some even said they felt full and thought it was too much food.  This will vary for each of you but it does not mean eating very little food – just the right ones and amounts.

In the end you need to consume less calories than your body burns in a day to loose weight.  Selecting the right portion control program, along with the right fitness program and add in a great support system will get you the results you want.

How can this be made simple?  Using Autumn’s plan, you do a quick calculation on which plan to use and then use the color coded containers to measure your food.  Simple, fast and something you can prepare for your week.


You can find out what the 21 Day Fix program is on this link to get started, but there are other Beachbody programs that use the same Portion Control concept so please reach out to me before selecting your program as I am here to help you in that area.

— Coach Mike

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