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Are You One of Us?

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Are you one of us? One of the coolest groups of people around? Yeah – those that have a good time but BRING IT hard in our workouts and focus on healthy eating? Well if so – this is for you. If you are not (YET) part of the group, why not join us?

I am one that loves to live life while ensuring I focus enough on my health & fitness. Hope you are as well. Some of you out there are 100% fitness focused, which is cool for you and keep rocking it, but I like to also enjoy a few beers from time to time as my friends and family can attest to. But having fun for me comes with a very strong focus on eating healthy and working out hard ‘most’ of the time. That is the balance that works for me – what about you?

I have worked with many people assisting them, mentoring them and simply just being there for them as they find what works for them in this area of finding the right balance for them. We are all individuals and the right balance is unique for each of us. Some of us need to stay 100% focus all the time on eating healthy and working out or they will allow more and more days where they slip up a little or let their guard down. That can be a slippery slope for some so they need that discipline. Thats cool too. For some like myself, finding that right balance that works is a never-ending process but we all can find something that works.


I focus very strictly during the week on my eating, while of course working out each and every day with purpose. On the weekends or vacations, I let my guard down but not all the way. I still try to eat as best I can but will have a few beers and have the occasional food that is not that healthy – but tastes so good. You have no doubt heard about the 80/20 saying or rule – be good 80% of the time and you will see success. That is where I live – finding a balance that works.

Now we all hit highs and lows with this process as we are human after all. Sometimes I stay very focused on being good to my body for longer periods than usual. Other times I drop the guard too long. What brings me back in line is my goal and purpose – be as happy as I can, enjoy the process and feel good along the way. For me, feeling good means I need to ensure I am as healthy as possible and that brings me right back to eating good and working out with purpose.

I am not here to preach the right or wrong way as we all have different opinions and goals but I am a proud member of the large group of us out there that work on that balance and have fun in all aspects – or try to at least. Are you one of us? I would love to hear from you on how you are doing and what works for you.

All the best, Mike

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