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22 Minute Hard Corps – FAQ

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This is the latest Beachbody program that I am doing and LOVING it so I wanted to share some FAQS about the program for those thinking about it.  This is Tony Horton’s latest creation and it is based on Military styled workouts.  Tony has been training folks in the Military for years and put this program together for us to enjoy!

A bit of background:  Tony Horton is the creator of the best selling workout program called P90X and many others.  Tony has trained many celebrities and I would expect you have seen him on TV at some point – you know those ‘infomercials’.  He is also on many TV programs talking about fitness and training.  P90X was a workout where you trained for about 1 hour a day.  Over the years, he has come out with shorter length programs such as P90X2 and P90X3 whereby P90X3 has workouts in the 30 minute range.  This was based on a few main reasons:  address a wider market of folks who want to workout but did not have 1 hour a day, and science has shown that shorter more intense workouts can provide great results.

Q. Is the program really 22 minutes a day?

The main workout each day is 22 minutes.  Now these workouts have either very little or no warmup so there is a 10 minute warmup that is optional, called Cold Start, which I HIGHLY recommend doing each day.  On Cardio days there is also an option to do a Core workout which varies from 10 minutes to 18.  So in the end you can do 22 minutes a day, but my suggestion is that this really is around 32 minutes to 45 minutes which is still not bad and YOU DO HAVE THIS TIME IN THE DAY!

Q. What equipment do I need?

One of the great things about this workout is that you really don’t need much at all.  You could get away minimally with the sandbag that you can get with the program and either a pull-up bar or band.  That’s all!  I do highly recommend the sandbag as it brings a unique challenge to the workouts as it provides you a little of an unbalanced weight which helps your core engage and you can fill it with the amount of weight you want up to 20 pounds – which is enough for you strong guys believe me.  Dumbbells can be used instead of the sandbag as well.

Q. What types of exercises will I be doing?

Since it is Military based you do a lot of pushups and pull-ups to start with as you would expect.  And plenty of body weighted moves such as crawls, lunges, running, sit-ups, jumps, etc.  This is not a program where you will push a ton of heavy weight.  There is a great variety of moves which helps keep you engaged and motivated.

Q. Is it really intense or hard?

To me this depends on how you approach it – like any other program.  You can modify as needed if you are starting out, or go really fast and hard to bring the intensity up for those that want it.  I really think this is a great program for all levels.

Q. How long is the program?

8 weeks.  There is an optional ‘hell week’ after the 8 weeks for those wanting to really take it up a notch where you basically do doubles each day for a week.

Q. Does it come with an eating plan?

Yes.  It is based on the portion controlled system that was introduced by Autumn Calabrese with the 21 Day Fix program.  This is a key component for getting the results you want so follow it and it is very easy to understand.

Q. What results will I get?

That really depends on your eating and the intensity you bring to the workouts – just like any other program.  But if you follow it you will get great results.

Q. What body parts are most focused on?

Since I am doing this program I can share what I feel.  I have noticed my core is the #1 focus area for me as I have been doing the Cold Start and Core workouts and there is a bunch of focus on your core in all the workouts as well.  Legs is probably my second area I feel it the most even though you are not lifting heavy weights your legs are in action all the time.  Shoulders and lats probably are next.

Q. Will I get big muscles?

No.  This is a program that really focuses on lean muscle and that is what you will see.  If you want to build size, this is not the program for you and I would recommend Body Beast for that.  For those that want to loose weight, tone up, build lean muscle and get in shape – this is a great program for that.

Q. Is it fun?

Everyone is different so this will vary but I am having fun with it for sure!  There is great variety and with the workouts being shorter it is much easier to stay motivated IMO.

Q. What does the schedule look like?

You will alternate each day between a Cardio workout and a Resistance workout.  On Cardio days you have the option to do a Core workout as well.  The variety here is great.  You workout 6 days a week with 1 rest day per week.

Q. Is there a Modifier in each workout?

Yes in every workout.

Q. Are there additional workouts that do not come with the base kit?

Yes.  And I highly recommend getting the Special Ops DVD.  In the Special Ops DVD you get an additional Resistance, Cardio and Core workout.  And to me these are some of the best in the program.  I specifically like the Core one and Resistance one.  Get this to add variety as well.

Q. How do I get this program?

Glad you asked – just go here for all the information you need.

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