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Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon

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Why include a Meal Replacement in your daily diet?  And what is a Meal Replacement anyway?

First of all what I mean by a Meal Replacement is where you replace a typical meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with something other than your normal foods you eat all the time.  There are all types of Meal Replacements out there that you can Google and find, but basically what I mean is a replacement option whereby you fill this meal with the most dense nutritionally valued option out there today – it is called Shakeology.  Stay with me here folks as I hear from many that I cannot replace food with a shake but this is not a shake but the best way to get a high concentration of nutrition your body needs in 1 meal – and it will fill you up!


Every day I drink Shakeology as a replacement for my lunch.  It is easy to mix, easy to take with you and it is all I need to satisfy my hunger — but the real reason I drink it is what it does for my body.  There are a number of benefits you get from Shakeology (see below), but for me there are two that stand out:  my health numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc) are out of this world, and it helps my cravings of foods I really try to stay away from.  Everyone will feel different results, as my wife loves the energy it gives her, so my advice really is to try it for a month risk free and see what you think about it.

Some of the benefits Shakeology does provide:

  • Helps you loose weight – and who doesn’t need help here?
  • Reduce your junk food cravings
  • Provides you a boost in energy
  • Helps your digestion & regulartiy
  • Helps your body get what it needs nutritionally each and every day – easily.

When I work with a client who wants to get in better shape I always tell them it takes a combination of 3 things to be successful: Workout+Nutrition+Support.  That combination is key and Shakeology is a strong component of Nutrition.


Check out all the details about Shakeology here.  You will find everything about it from doctors recommendations, ingredients, success stories, recipes, and much more.

As always, if you have ANY questions just ask.

—Coach Mike

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