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22 Minute Hard Corps Final Review

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I just finished this program for the first time today and wanted to share with you my thoughts on this FANTASTIC program.

I really thought this was a very well put together program from the start to the end.  It is not one where you will build muscle, but it will help you lean out, get in better shape and while not building muscle it does help lean out your muscles.

The schedule is well thought out as it alternates each day between Cardio and Resistance workouts.  You do optional (but I think mandatory) core workouts each day with your Cardio workouts.  What I did was add in some more weight training on the Resistance days as well.

I really enjoyed the warmup (also HIGHLY recommended each and every day) called Cold Start.  This is one where you will burn a good amount of calories while most importantly getting your body warm and stretched for your workout.

There are modifiers in every workout and as such this can really be used for anyone starting out or even for advanced folks.  You work on a cadence for each workout which becomes engrained in your mind after a few days.

There is very little equipment required as well which is great for anyone.  Check out my FAQ post for even more details and to help answer questions you may have.

Every main workout is — guess – 22 minutes long.  The warmup is about 11 minutes and the core workouts range between 11-18 minutes.

I also HIGHLY recommend the bonus DVD called Special Ops as there are some of the best workouts on that one.

My results were solid.  I lost about 4lbs during the 8 weeks and I was not as good as I should have been on eating during the weekends – so this could have been even better.  My core feels really strong and I know my endurance is better.  I am sure I lost a little strength but again that is not the focus and I will get that back quickly anyway.  With the workouts so short it is easy to keep motivated and ‘in the game’.

I always track my caloric burn and heart rate on every workout and the following chart shows how each workout averaged out for me over the 8 weeks.


As you can see above, my heart rate was quite high on all the workouts and for workouts that are short, the calorie burn is awesome.

The only discomfort I felt during the program was on my lower back/sides.  There is so much core work in the warmup, workouts and even the cool downs that I think that simply meant I was working that area harder than usual.

I also have individual reviews for each workout that you can check out here.

Let me know what you think!


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