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Which Workout Program is Right for You?

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Selecting the best Workout Program for you depends on a number of factors.  A question I will always ask is – what are your goals?  Each program has different approaches, techniques, trainers, time commitments and most importantly a key goal that is intended for it’s audience.  Some questions I typically ask folks that ask me this question include:

  • What is your main goal – conditioning, toning, building muscle, loose weight, build lean muscle, etc
  • What types of workouts do you like to do?
  • Which workouts do you not like to do?
  • Do you have any injuries or body parts that are sore or give you pain?
  • Do you like 30 minute workouts or are up to 60 minutes still fine?
  • What type of equipment do you have?  Weights, bench, bands, medicine balls, etc
  • Which programs have you done so far?
  • Any specific trainer that you like?  Or don’t like?
  • Will you travel while on the program?
  • How long can you commit to a program?  30 days, 60 days, 90 days, longer?
  • What would you say your fitness level is today?  Novice, Intermediate, Advanced?

The reason I ask so many questions is I want to help recommend something or a few options to meet your needs.  We are all different and the most important part is finding what interests you and what will work best to meet your goals as well.

One of the great things about Beachbody is that there is a variety of Workout Programs that can meet anyones needs.  I suggest you work with your Beachbody coach (and if you do not have one I would be honored to be your FREE coach) who has tried many of them so they can guide you in the best direction.

Selecting the best program is so important as I have seen people start with one that either doesn’t match their goals, or is just way too advanced or challenging for them and they quit.  This is what we try our best to avoid as a Beachbody coach as we are here to share our experiences, guide you, support you throughout your journey and make sure you stay with it!

So — what about you?


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