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Tips on Eating Better while Traveling

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Whether you are traveling for Business or Pleasure, whether is it a few days or a week, traveling can certainly challenge your eating habits.  For those that want to continue to eat as healthy as possible, you can with first of course the will power needed to stay away from temptation and a drop in your guard, and also a little planning.

If you are planning to cook on your trip, that will certainly make things easier.  Find a local Whole Foods store or similar grocery stored where you can buy food you usually do when at home.

If you are out of the day, plan ahead and pack your food.  Always remember to take healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits with you.  It is easy to want to grab that candy bar, piece of chocolate, or whatever is convenient if you do not have better options with you.

Plane rides can be a challenge but now that most airlines do not really provide you meals (unless you are going overseas), you can find healthy foods in the airports and buy ahead of time.  Airlines are also trying to have better options for purchase too.  I usually grab a turkey sandwich with no mayo and add a little mustard if I need to.  No chips either, but grab an apple instead.

When out at restaurants, stay away from the bread, appetizers, sides and focus on lean meat with healthy veggies or a small salad and take the lite dressing on the side.  Dabble the dressing as well and do not soak it.  Be careful with salads as you may think they are healthy but sometimes there is too much dressing and high calorie additives added.  You can usually find a healthy meal with chicken, turkey or steak as well as a variety of vegetarian meals.  Avoid the dreaded desserts as well.

Avoid fast-food restaurants, but if you must here are a couple good articles to follow.

If you are going to meetings where they are providing food, check ahead of time if they can include healthy options.

Drink plenty of water!

Planning ahead is the most important as when you do not and do not have snacks/meals with you, you are at the mercy of wherever you are and your willpower.   And of course continue your workouts — no excuses.


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