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P90X – Plyometrics Review

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As part of the Body Beast DVD set, you also get a copy of P90X Plyometrics. The intent is to mix this cardio workout in to give you an alternative to Beast Cardio or to be added in as a supplemental workout during the program. To me P90X Plyo is one of the best calorie burning workouts I have done and I like to mix it into Beast. Actually what I do is on Beast Cardio days I do P90X Plyo and on Friday’s during the week I do a double workout and add in Beast Cardio on that day. The reason I do this is (1) I like adding a bit more cardio into this program and (2) Plyo is much longer than Beast Cardio so I need to do it alone one one day.

P90X Plyo is about 1 hour long and has you do all types of plyometric moves such as: jumps, spin jumps, jump-knee-tucks, lateral squats, tires, etc. You will do 4 moves ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute each then take a very quick break and do them again. Then you get a 30 second break and do a new set of 4 moves, etc. At the end there is a bonus round where you do some sport type of loves (pitching, basketball shooting and football moves) to really bring this one home.

If you perform the moves with good form you will also work your core as well.

In this one I burnt 750 calories with my max heart rate getting up to 181 and an average of 149. So needless to say I was working hard. My legs were burning and I left it all in the room.

Check out my video post here.


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