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Body Beast – Build Shoulders Review

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This is the first of 2 different Shoulder workouts you will do in Body Beast.

This is a solid shoulder workout for 45 minutes where you blast all parts of your shoulders. One thing I notice about Beast workouts is that from the very first set you feel it – all the way through. By mixing in Single Sets with Super Sets with Giant Sets you workup a great sweat while burning your muscles. What a feeling!!!

Sagi takes you through the exercises below in an order that really is effective.  Make sure you keep your form solid but also push as much weight as you can to really blast those shoulders.

If you do not have an EZ Curl bar you can use dumbbells and if you do not have a bench you can use a stability ball.

I increased the Tuck & Roll reps from 15 to 16 & then 20 just because I wanted to hit my abs harder and keep my heart rate up.

My favorite set is the Giant Set and you need to pick light weights for the Sagi 6-way and hold those moves to 1 second…don’t cheat.

Single Set (weight/reps)
Shoulder press: 25/15, 35/12, 45/8, 35/8

Super Set
Lateral Raise: 15/15, 20/12, 25/8
Upright Row with EZ Curl Bar: 40/15, 50/12, 60/8, 50/8

Giant Set
EZ Bar Underhand Press: 50/15, 60/12, 70/8
1, 1, 2 front raise: 10/15, 15/12, 20/8
Rear Delt Raise: 15/15, 20/12, 25/8

Super Set
Standing Dumbbell Shrugs: 35/15, 50/12, 70/8, 50/8
Dumbbell Scap Trap: 30/15, 30/12, 35/8

Super Set
Sagi 6-way: 8/12, 8/8
Tuck & Roll: 16, 20

Burnt a record 553 calories with my heart rate maxing out at 172 with an average of 152. Killed this one today!

My video review can be found here


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