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Body Beast: Cardio Review

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I took this one a bit slow as I have not done it for a while and wanted to note down all the moves so it wasn’t my best but still a good workout. This to be honest is not one of my favorites as when you add a ton of leg work and weights to cardio it brings the happiness factor down a bit 🙂

This is a 30 minute workout where you use some weights, get a light total body workout in, hit the core and has moves where you hold the contraction part of the move for 10 seconds – ouch!

You do moves such as squat presses, toe taps, squat jumps, planks, mountain climbers, rows, sumo squats, plyo pushups, upright rows, and more. You can see my video review where I talk about each more more here.

There are decent breaks in between the moves which helps you recover which helps, but the moves are very tough especially the hold moves.

Overall even with taking it a little lighter today I burnt 383 calories in 30 minutes with my hear rate getting up to 167 with an average of 138.  In the past I usually get around 420-470 calories burnt by bringing up the intensity a little.


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