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Why is Support so Important?

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One of the key items to health and fitness success is having a great Support System in place.  To me this is the formula that works: Fitness Program + Nutrition + Support = Success.  So let’s dive into the are of why Support is important to your success.

For those of you that are so highly motivated 100% of the time and focused on your goals, support may not seem or even be that important to you.  If you fall into this group, that is awesome and you are a rare breed.  For most of us this is not the case and we do need support either all the time or at certain times in your journey.

There are a number of reasons why Support is a make or break item for your success in my opinion and the top ones include:

  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Knowledge
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Experience Sharing
  • Hard Love

Lets look at each in more depth.

Accountability: When you go without a Support System, you have no real feel for accountability.  Sure you are accountable to yourself but a Support System in place will help you feel accountable to others as well which helps push yourself even harder.  When I do not feel like working out, I think about what am I going to say to my team?  How will they feel?  Well — then I simply get it done as I am accountable to the team.

Motivation:  There will be times (sometimes very often) where you need someone to help provide some motivation for you.  Whether its simply reading a post from someone that inspires you, watching someone achieve success, receiving positive comments to your posts/questions/input, or helping get you out of the bad mood you are in and into a better space.  Motivation comes in a variety of ways and means different things to different people but a Support System in place can certainly provide you the added motivation when needed.

Knowledge: A group of people has much more knowledge than an individual which can be tapped into as needed.  It can either be specific questions about a workout program, nutrition questions, exercise moves, help in deciding which program to do next or start with, general or specific questions in the health and fitness area, or even a specific focus area.  Knowledge is a powerful tool to utilize and the right Support System can provide you that.

Teamwork:  Those of us that use Support Systems, feel the strong impact of team spirit.  When we don’t post for a day or longer, we feel like we are letting not only ourselves down but others.  It provides a feeling of family as well as the Support System is made up of like-minded individuals who help each other throughout our journeys.  When a team member succeeds, we feel like we did as well.  When one is challenged we help out in any way we can.  Going it alone is much more challenging.

Experience Sharing:  An area a Support System can really help in is around simply sharing how you are doing, what is challenging you and how you got around it, helping others who may be hitting something you already did, providing insight into programs, nutrition or simply life experiences that helped you.  This is a very powerful tool to be leveraged. 

Hard Love:  A really good Support System will be one that provides the right kick in the pants when needed.  We need to be honest with each other and push some when needed.  You would be surprised that many appreciate that kick to help get them moving.  As part of a team we need to hold each accountable and hard love comes with that committment.

When you factor all these items in place, it provides you many tools for your toolbox.  We all need as many tools to start or continue down our fitness and health journey with like-minded people.  Some may not be able to get any support at home and an external system certainly helps.

Want to join my Support System?  Sign up below and let’s have fun and begin today!

—Coach Mike

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