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Body Beast: Bulk Chest Review

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The first Bulk workout you will do in Body Beast if you stick with the schedule is Bulk Chest.  In the Bulk phase you do 1 body part a day as opposed to the Build phase where you do 2 on most days other than shoulders and legs.  So the workouts are shorter and you really focus hard on the single body part to really bulk it up.  The Bulk phase also introduces you to force sets and progressive sets that you were not doing in the build phase.

Bulk Chest is 30 minutes long and includes some oldies and some new goodies for exercises.  You need a bench or stability ball as you will be doing much of the work with it.

I really like the Force set where you hold the weight the entire time and after doing 5 reps you hold the weight in the contracted position so the weight is always on your chest.  Really tough if you pick heavy weights.

The Progressive set is also very good and tiring.  This is where you go from 15 reps down to 8 and take a quick break and then go 8 reps to 15 reps.  This burns you out at the end so be ready.

Super Set (reps/weight)

  • Inclined Flys: 15/20, 12/30, 8/35
  • Inclined Press: 15/35, 12/40, 8/50 with a drop set of 8/40

Force Set

  • Chest Press with Rotation: 5/40 for all 5 sets

Progressive Set

  • Inclined Press: 15/25, 12/30, 8/35, 8/35, 12/30, 15/25

Combo Set

  • Close-grip Press to Fly: 15/20, 12/30, 8/40

Multi Set

  • Decline Pushup: 15/ 12 / 8
  • Cobra to Airplane: 10 reps
  • Russian Twist: 30 seconds

By the end of this your chest should be beat and feeling pumped for sure.  If not, increase the weights or reduce the breaks you may be taking.  I burnt a total of 445 calories with my heart rate maxing up to 170 and averaging 142.  Not too bad for a chest workout!!

Check out my Video Review for more details.

Hope you find this helpful and if so please comment below.

Coach Mike

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