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Body Beast – Bulk Legs Review

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The leg workouts in Body Beast to me are the hardest workouts and Bulk Legs is tough so be prepared.  In this program you work your quads, hamstrings, calves with single sets, progressive sets and super sets.  You legs will be feeling it from the start and into the next few days.

The progressive sets are long with many reps that really burn your legs out.  Hopefully you have an EZ curl bar for the split squat but you can use dumbbells if you need to.

Single Set (reps/weights)

  • Front to back Lunges: 12/15, 10/20, 8/25

Progressive Set

  • Squats: 15/25, 12/25, 8/45, 8/45, 12/35, 15/25

Force Set

  • Full to 1/2 Sumo Squat: 5/45 for 5 sets

Progressive Set

  • Split Squat with EZ Curl bar: 15/35, 12/50, 8/60, 8/60, 12/50, 15/35

Super Set

  • Stiff Leg Deadlift: 15/20, 12/30, 8/40 with a dropset of 8/30
  • Alternating Side Squat:  10/20, 10/20, 10/20

Super Set

  • Calf Raise: 50/15, 50/15
  • Beast Abs: twice

BONUS I ADD – Seated Calf Raises:  25/70, 25/70

If you pick the right weights and push hard you will feel this workout today and for a few days to follow.  I burn between 600-700 calories in this one with my heart rate getting up to 175 with an average around 150.

Great leg workout. but hard.  Check out my Video Review here.

–Coach Mike

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