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Body Beast – Bulk Arms Review

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Are you ready for a complete arm workout?  One where you burn your biceps and triceps?  This is the one.  In this 35 minute workout you will alternate between doing a bicep exercise and a tricep one so you get a full arm pump right from the start.

You do not need heavy weights as you will do a lot of reps.  An EZ Curl bar is best but you can get away with just dumbbells.

This one has progressive (where you do 15 reps, 12, then 8…then a quick break and go the other way), single and a force set (where you hold the weight in between sets) to mix things up.

Progressive Set (reps/weight)

  • Standing Curl: 15/15, 12/25, 8/30, 8/30, 12/25, 15/15

Single Set

  • Tricep Extension: 15/50, 12/60, 8/70 and a dropset of 8/60

Force Set

  • Wide EZ Bar Curl: 5 reps for 5 sets with 65lbs

Single Set 

  • Skull Crusher: 15/35, 12/45, 8/55 with a dropset of 8/45

Progressive Set 

Hammer Curl: 15/15, 12/25, 8/30, 8/30, 12/25, 15/15 on both arms

Progressive Set 

Tricep Kickbacks: 15/10, 12/20, 8/25, 8/25, 12/20, 15/10 on both arms


Weighted Crunch: 30 reps

ADDED Bonus – I then add 3 sets of dumbbells curls just because I want even more and do: 15/15, 12/25, 6/30 with 3 hammer curls at the end.

Pick the right weights, keep your form and push yourself hard and you will have a great pump in your arms after this one.

I burnt close to 500 calories in all and you can see my video review here.

Let me know what you think.


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