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Body Beast: Bulk Back Review

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This is a 30 minute workout focused 100% on your back and it is a great workout!  While it is only 30 minutes and moves pretty quick, you will get a great back workout if you pick the right weights and push yourself hard.

You will need a pull-up bar or bands, a bench or stability ball, dumbbells and an EZ curl bar if you have one.  You will also be pulling some serious weights too.

I really like how this starts and finishes.  The Deadlifts toward the end really feels awesome.  Below are the weights I use just as reference.

Super Set (reps/weight)

  • Pull-Over: 15/40, 12/ 50, 8/65 with a dropset of 8/50
  • Pull-up: 10 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps

Progressive Set

  • Reverse Grip Row with EZ Curl bar: 15/65, 12/75, 8/90, 8/90, 12/75, 15/65

Force Set

  • 1 Arm Row: 5/40 for 5 sets

Single Set

  • Deadlift: 15/35, 12/45, 8/65 with a dropset of 8/45

Super Set

  • Reverse Fly: 15/15, 12/20
  • Plank Rotation: 30 seconds with 15lbs, 30 seconds with 15lbs

Wow you will be beat after that!  I pushed hard (with good form of course) and burnt a nice 450 calories and had my heart rate max out at 174 and average 153.

Check out my video review here.  Let me know what you think as well.


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