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What Type of Shoes should I wear for Workouts?

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This is a common question I receive from my clients and one that is something many people also do not think about.  Some folks think that any ‘sneaker’ or ‘running shoe’ will do, and while you can certainly still do what you need in any sneaker or running shoe, you may injure yourself, plain be uncomfortable or reduce your effectiveness of what you really want out of your workout.

For the workout programs I do from Beachbody, a court shoe is best for all the workouts. The reason is that court shoes all multi-directional support and with these programs you will be moving in all directions.  Running shoes are designed for forward movements only. Finding a flatter soled shoe is best.

My advice is to get fitted if you can afford it at a local reputable athletic shoe store.  Proper fitting will ensure you have the support and comfort you need.

You also need to keep an eye on wear and tear as over time the bottom soles will wear out and that can cause issues.

Let me know what you think.

-Coach Mike


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