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Body Beast Program Review

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One of my favorite, if not meh favorite, program in the huge Beachbody collection is Body Beast.  Why?  I love lifting weights and this is the one program in Beachbody that is 100% focused on building muscle by lifting weights.  While I love other workout programs which mix weight training, cardio, flexibility, core strength and mobility, lifting weights to me is my favorite thing to do when working out.   It is also a fantastic program that uses some unique techniques created by Sagi Kalev.  This post will share with you my insights into this program and my overall review of it.

Who is the creator Sagi Kalev?  He is body builder out of Israel who has competed and won in Body Building shows for many years, has a degree in physical education and a minor in nutrition.  Sagi wanted to create a program that could be used by anyone and that creation is called Body Beast.

This is a 3 month program that has you progress along the way.  There are 12 workouts (with 3 more optional workouts you can get which I recommend), has a great nutrition plan which is critical to your success and is built on the concept of Dynamic Set Training.

What is Dynamic Set Training?  This is a combination of Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Multi-Sets, Force Sets, Progressive Sets, Combo Sets, Drop Sets and Tempo Sets all combined in a scientific manner to blast your muscles.  Sagi uses a common set of reps throughout the program which typically starts with 15 reps, then drops to 12 reps and then to 8 reps.  This program uses some of the old-school weight lifting moves and introduces some new-school ones.

What are all these Sets?

  • Single Sets: You will do the same exercise using a weight for 15 reps, then move to 12 reps and finish with 8 reps.
  • Super Sets: You will do 2 exercise movements back to back with little to no rest.
  • Giant Sets: This is 3 exercise movements done back to back that target the same muscle group.
  • Multi Sets: 3 exercises that do not target the same muscle group.
  • Force Sets: Has you doing 5 sets of 5 reps with 10 second rests between them.
  • Progressive Sets: Using the 15/12/8 rep sequence you do that and then after a quick break you go the other way 8/12/15 – basically progressing through the sequence.
  • Combo Sets: Here you will do a compound move which is any move exercise that works more than one muscle group using more than one joint.
  • Drop Sets: This is where at the end of the sequence you drop down in the weight and do another 8 reps.
  • Tempo Sets: In the optional workouts you use specific tempo (time) for the concentric and eccentric moves.

What equipment will you need?

  • Dumbbells are critical.  The weight will vary on your strength but you will use as little as 5lbs to maybe as much as 90lbs for those that are really strong.
  • EZ Curl bar – this is highly recommended but you can substitute with dumbbells.
  • Bench or stability ball.
  • Pull up bar or bands

There are 3 phases in the program called: Build, Bulk and Beast.  In the Build phase you will focus most days on 2 body parts per day, except for Shoulder and Leg days.  In the Bulk phase you will do different exercises from the Build phase and also only do 1 body part per day.  In the final Beast phase you mix up Build and Bulk exercises.

There is a tough Cardio workout in this program as well as a focused Ab workout that is scheduled into the week as well.  Eating correctly is also a key focus where in the different phases Sagi has you eat differently to match the phase of the program you are in.

My most favorite workouts include: Build: Chest & Triceps, Build: Back and Biceps, and both Shoulder workouts.  My least favorite are both Leg workouts as who likes to do legs anyway?

During the program I was sore and constantly challenged myself to go a little heavier while keeping good form.  One tip I found was that I sometimes went at a slower pace than Sagi so I started the move about 20-30 seconds before they did in case I needed the extra time.  You should not really do this so if you have to lower the weight to keep up with them do that instead.  The timing is important to getting the most out of it.

I also burnt a good amount of calories in these workouts with the longer ones burning the most calories of course.

I have written specific workout reviews so check them out here where I go through each workout on an individual basis.  I really enjoy how Sagi mixes things up and breaks the workouts into phases with specific focus.  The program will have you sore and you will need to really bring it hard with solid focus on your form.

The build phase workouts are longer as you are doing 2 body parts most days so the workouts can get close to 1 hour, and in the Bulk workouts you generally are around the 30-40 minute range.

If you like lifting and want something different to try then this is the program for you!  Many women do this program as well so don’t shy away.  You do not need to be an expert in lifting as Sagi is great at instructing you, but a little experience will certainly help.


Want more information just click here.

Let me know your thoughts on this program!

—Coach Mike

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