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Body Beast: Beast Up Chest/Shoulders/Triceps Review

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If you are not aware there are 2 new workouts on Beachbody On Demand that can be added into the Body Beast schedule. These two workouts are much more intense, longer, tougher and also fun! These are fantastic supplemental workouts for those Beast lovers out there like me. This review is on the Chest, Shoulder and Tricep workout.

This workout is about 55 minutes with a longer warm-up and cool down than the original Beast workouts and are great to get you started and you will need the cool down at the end of this tough workout. You will also need your heaviest weights, bench and EZ Curl bar are highly recommended.

Sagi uses his traditional Progressive, Giant, Force, Single and Super Sets but adds more reps and you will also do more in the 6-10 rep range than the original workouts. There are some new exercises as well that are fun and if you pick the right weights and have your mind ready you will BLAST those muscles!

You start with Chest and then move to Shoulders and finish with Triceps. The main focus is Chest as most of the workout is on that body part with Shoulders coming in second and triceps work the least. There are no ab/core moves in this one.

Progressive Set (weight/reps)
Incline Dumbbell Press: 40/15, 45/12, 50/8, 60/6, 60/6, 50/8

Giant Set
On Floor Press: 30/12, 40/10, 50/8
On Floor Flys: 20/12, 30/10, 35/8
Explosive to Slow Negative Pushups: 12, 10, 8

Force Set
Decline Dumbbell Press: 25/7 for all 7 sets

Super Set
Circle Flys: 10/10, 12/10
Decline Pushups: 10/10

Progressive Set
Military Press: 30/15, 35/12, 40/8, 50/6, 50/6, 40/8

Single Set-Drop Set
Reverse Grips EZ Bar Delt Raise: 25/12, 25/12, 45/8, 35/8

Single Set-Drop Set
Tricep Kickbacks: 15/12, 20/10, 28/8, 20/8 – both arms alternating

Loved this workout and will definitely add it into any future Beast schedule. I burnt just under 800 calories in this workout which is very high for me with my heart rate maxing out at 175 and averaging 149.

Check out my Video review here.


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