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Body Beast – Beast Up Leg workout Review

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This is a review of the new Body Beast workout program for Legs which you can find on Beachbody on Demand (BOD).  This is 1 of 2 new workouts Sagi put together that are used with other Beast workouts to bring up the intensity and provide us with some new workouts.  The Beast Up workouts bring up the intensity!

This is all focused on your LEGS and many of us do not like leg workouts but read on as this is one I enjoyed…yup enjoyed if you can believe that!

With Beast Up Sagi has you go heavier as you do reps of 6 in the sets which also make the sets longer and tougher.

There are 2 Force Set exercises that are tough as you go 7 reps for 7 sets with constant resistance on your legs.

Sagi also introduces some new moves.  You will need dumbbells with an EZ Curl bar of the best results.

Progressive Set (weight/reps)

  • Parallel Squat: 25/15, 35/12, 45/8, 60/6, 60/6, 45/8

Force Set

  • Split Squat w/EZ Curl bar: 25/7 for 7 sets

Super Set

  • Partial Sumo: 35/12, 45/10, 50/8
  • Bulgarian Squat: 20/12, 25/10, 30/8

Force Set

  • Single Leg Dead Lift: 25/7 for 7 sets

Super Set

  • Glute Bridge: 30/60 seconds, 40/45 seconds, 50/30 seconds

I will personally add in some calf raises as well as there is little focus on the calves in this for some reason.

Check out my Video review here.


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