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Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Review

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Love this shoulder workout!  This is about 38 minutes long and your shoulders will feel it from the start if you pick the right weights.  Make sure your form is solid so you do not tweak your neck or back.

You will need the usual weights, EZ curl bar if you have one and a bench or stability ball.

Super Set (reps/weights):

  • Lateral Raise: 15/10, 12/15, 8/20
  • Arnold Press: 15/20, 12/25, 8/35 with a drop set of 8/30

Progressive  Set (reps/weights):

  • Upright row with EZ Curl bar: 15/40, 12/50, 8/60, 8/60, 12/50, 15/40

Super Set (reps/weights):

  • Alternating Front Raise: 15/20, 12/30, 8/40
  • Plate Twist-twist: 10/25, 10/25, 10/25

Progressive Set (reps/weights):

  • Reverse Fly on inclined bench: 15/15, 12/20, 8/25, 8/25, 12/20, 15/15

Super Set (reps/weights):

  • Superman Stretch: 10reps, 10 reps
  • Plank Twist-twist: 30 seconds, 30 seconds

I can burn between 450-540 calories in this baby.  Form is key and enjoy.

Check out my video review here and let me know what you think.

–Coach Mike

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