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Core De Force – MMA Speed Review

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The latest Beachbody program is an MMA style program called Core De Force. This review is for the first workout you will do in the program — called — MMA Speed.

The workout is about 27 minutes long with a few minutes of warmup and a few minutes of cool down counted into the 27 minutes. It is nice that the warmup is part of the same disk/video so you do not need to change disks.

There are what they call 6 rounds where in each round you do a combination such as throwing a cross, uppercut and then a kneed kick. You do that for about a minute non-stop and in the same round you then do about 30 seconds of quick/constant moves such as all uppercuts. You do that sequence twice and that is called a round. 6 rounds of different moves.

One thing I noticed is that you always seem to be on the same side – such as your left knee is in front on all the moves. Not sure why that is the case so I switched my legs in the different rounds to get both sides of my body covered. I thought that was strange or I missed the fact they changed legs 🙂

Good solid core workout and you will feel it is in the legs to on some moves. The last move has you do a burpee style move where you also do a pushup.

My Heart Rate Monitor had me burning 355 calories with a MAX HR of 183 and an average of 156.

I have a video review you can also see here.

Looking forward to trying the rest out.

Let me know what you think.

Coach Mike

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