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Core De Force – Dynamic Strength Review

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Day 2 of Core De Force and that means Dynamic Strength + some bicep curls for added measure. This is 47 Minutes long where you do 12 rounds of body weight moves to get a total body workout in. There is a couple of minutes of warmup and cooldown included in the 47 minutes. The warmups and cooldowns are different which I like – variety.

In the first 6 rounds they mix up all sorts of moves with tons of pushups, balance leg kicks, situps and a large focus on your core. In the final 6 rounds they go back to the moves in the first 6 rounds but add more intensity usually by lifting a leg – but bottom line to add more resistance to the moves. The Sphinx tricep pushups on your toes are hard. I really liked the 3 sequence pushups where you do 1 close, normal and wide, then repeat the opposite way for a bunch of them.

At the end I felt it in my chest, shoulders, and core the most. Burnt a solid 707 calories (with my added bicep curls) and my heart rate maxed out at 172 with an average of 148. So this was a solid cardio burner.

Liking this a ton so far. Can’t wait to see the next new workout which is in 2 days. I am also doing the Deluxe 30 day program so I can test out the Deluxe workouts as well.

Check out my video review as well here.

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