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Core De Force – Power Sculpt Review

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Day 4 of week 1 so that meant Power Sculpt. This is a body resistance cardio workout that hits your entire body hard. You have 9 rounds in which you do 4 then repeat the same 4 and at the end they add round 9 which is a fast-paced burnout sequence so be ready for that one.

In each round there are 3 moves for 60, 45 and 35 seconds in duration. The moves get harder so the time goes down. The moves vary of course with variations on pushups, kicks, jumps and core work. No punches in this one at all.

There is very little break between rounds and it goes for 36 minutes with a few minutes of warm up and cooldown included.

So far I feel like I am working harder in this as compared to Combat and it is only day 4:-)

I added in some dumbell bench presses at the end and in total burnt 647 calories with my heart rate maxing out at 184! and averaging 160!!! This one worked me hard for sure.

Check out my video review here.

Focus on eating as well to make your results the best you can.


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