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Core De Force – MMA Shred Review

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Day 5 was MMA Shred for the first time. This one made you feel like you were actually fighting. It has 9 rounds each 3 minutes long. You do one sequence for 1 minute then move to a 30 second fast paced move to get your heart rate up, then repeat both moves and that is a round.

TIP: they do not seem to switch legs from dominate to non-dominant sides for each move and I think you really need to do that so suggest doing that in the second sequence.

You will be throwing many elbows, punches and kicks in this one. You feel like you are in a fight. Squats, jumps and a ton of core contractions in this workout.

There is no burnout round at the end so bring it hard in the 9 rounds.

I burnt 478 calories with a max HR of 176 and an average of 148 so this had me working hard but not like some of the other ones so far.

Fun workout for sure.

Check out my Video Review here.


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