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Core De Force – Agility Strength Review

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This workout is 37 minutes long and one where you can use an agility ladder to help with the moves.  It has 9 rounds in total.  The first 4 rounds consist of a 1 minute move, then transitions into a 30 second move, then repeat the 2 once again and that is a round.

Moves include moving jabs, twists, leg checks, gorilla jumps, bear crawls, moving pushups, high knee runs…

In the last 4 rounds there is no transition time so it moves quick.  You will feel the difference that makes for sure.

The final round has 3 moves for 1 minute each to really burn you out at the end.

I found the jump/twist moving jabs one of the hardest for me and that really got my heart rate up.

Solid cardio workout with a little resistance worked in.

I added some dumbbell curls at the end and in total burnt 600 calories with my max HR peaking at 179 with an average of 144.

Check out my video blog on this here.


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