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Core De Force – Core Kinetics Review

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ACCOUNTABILITY – today was day 1 of week 2 of Core De Force and that meant a double! Started with MMA Shred and then did Core Kinetics for the first time.

With regards to Core Kinetics this is a 15 minute MMA inspired core routine with 7 moves done twice through and a final 1 minute burnout move at the end. The moves rotate from you being on your back to a plank position which is a great way to alternate the focus of the area being worked. The moves include:

Leg Extensions
Leg checks in Plank
Hip lifts
Hip dips in Plank
Leg lifts
Hip escapes with toe taps
Guarded square move which is a variation of a crunch

The moves had some new twists to them and my abs were screaming in the first round – and then they said we are going to do all them again 🙂

The final move is a 1 minute plank to get you to the end. A little cobra stretch ends it and your core will feel it.

Really liked this one for the variation but it is tough so be prepared.

I burnt 164 calories with my heart rate maxing out to 159 with an average of 129. Not too bad for a core workout right?

Check out my Video Review Here too.


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