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Core De Force – Agility Power Review

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This is a review of Agility Power in the Core De Force program.

This workout focuses on improving your agility while getting you sweating like crazy.  It also includes power type moves to help improve your power as well.  No weights needed just your body.  An Agility Ladder is recommended but not required.

You start with a few minutes of warmup to get you ready and then move into the workout which consists of 6 rounds.  The focus is a full body workout but I felt it most in the legs for sure.  Shoulders and chest get in the act as well.

The six rounds are similar to other workouts in this program where you do the first move for 1 minute, move to a heart pumping 30 second move and then repeat both.

Moves include:

  • Boxer bounce with jabs
  • Sprawls with jumps
  • in/out hops
  • in/out squats
  • single leg hops
  • triple lunges with a jump
  • in/out zig zag moves
  • lateral plyo pushups
  • frog jumps
  • squats
  • spiderman crawls
  • bear crawls

While this is only 27 minutes in length it works you very hard.  By the fourth round I was hoping for a longer break.  Some of these moves are tough and get your heart rate up very high.  You can modify all the moves and they show you how.

I added some dumbbell bench presses at the end so my total burn was around 440 calories with my heart rate maxing out at 176 with an average of 151!

Check out my Video Review here.

—Coach Mike

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