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Core De Force – MMA Kickbutt Review

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This is a review of Beachbody’s Core De Force program and specifically the workout called MMA Kickbutt.

This is a 37 minute workout that includes a few minutes of warmup and cool down and really focuses on proper kicks while providing you an awesome cardio and total body workout.

There are 9 rounds with the first 8 following the same sequence of a 1 minute move, followed by a 30 second move and repeat both.  When you get to the final round (9) you do three 1 minute moves that really burn you out.

Moves include:

  • Snap kicks
  • pushups with diagonal knee checks
  • roundhouse kicks
  • jab/cross/sprawl/jumps
  • side kicks
  • jump alligator pushups
  • roundhouse knee
  • leg check, plyo pushups
  • hooks
  • squats
  • lunges

My legs felt this a ton.  Pushups progressively got harder as you move through the workout too.  Modification techniques are shown for all the moves and push pause if needed.

This is a tough workout so be prepared.  I burnt 551 calories in the 37 minutes and my heart rate maxed out at 184 with an average of 158 which is very high for a 54 year old man!!  But loved it!!!

Check out my video review too here.


The look when you are done 🙂


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